Want to do something special with your old tablet?

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GSAP has donated books and computers to 80 community and school libraries in Ghana over the past few years.  We are only able to donate computers to schools that have electricity.  Yet, the neediest schools lack connection to the electrical grid.  Thanks to work at the S-Lab at Providence College, we are now able to provide a small network of stations with the GSAP educational portal (that includes the Khan Academy and over 2000 books plus a rich assortment of educational resources) to such schools.  The low power draw of the Raspberry Pi acting as a server and individual tablets enables us to use a small solar panel and battery to support the power needs for the computer lab.

Imagine the sense of empowerment for the teachers and students at these schools. With your help, we can bring the GSAP Educational Portal on the Raspberry Pi and Tablet stations to these schools.  Our current work is in GaWest where literacy rates are below the nation’s average.

Please help by sending your used tablet to:
Global Sustainable Aid Project
Stephen Mecca
5 Aquidneck Court
Jamestown, RI  02835
Thank you for your generosity.

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