The GSAP Lab-In-A-Box program is exactly that — a computer lab in a box. It aims to provide an easy to set up computer lab using donated tablets and a local network running off a small device (similar to a Raspberry Pi).

There are several Lab-In-A-Box configurations:

  • $200 can bring the 64 GB GSAP Portal pre-configured on a Wi-Fi enabled Server to a school with old PCs bringing them new life for students.
  • $1000 can bring a 10 station tablet based Lab in a Box with a Wi-Fi enabled Server and the 64 GB GSAP Portal to a school.
  • $1400 can do the same for a school lacking electricity; a properly sized solar collector coupled with LiPo battery technology creates an entire computer lab.

Download the brochure with more information: GSAP Lab-In-A-Box

GSAP Portals:

The GSAP Portals are free offline digital materials and resources that GSAP collects and sends to schools and libraries that do not have access to the internet. The portals include Khan Academy, the Rachel Sabbath Media Library (resources on family planning and maternal health), books from Project Gutenberg, Wikipedia, various health and hygiene resources, and 2,000 books for those just learning to read. These portals are a way for Ghanaians to have access to some of the best and extensive resources online, without actually needing an internet connection.

Download the brochure with more information: GSAP Portal Learning Resources

Deploying both the Lab-In-A-Box and GSAP Portals are always done alongside teacher and librarian training and orientation. As of 2015, roughly 120 schools are using the GSAP Portals on computers provided by GSAP and the Rotary Foundation. The Lab-In-A-Box has been installed at 12 schools.